Construction is an industry that must meet the ever-increasing demands of the market. Progress in this industry is possible, among other things, through the use of modern technology and computer programs, as at Karno Energy. is BIM model is a concept that has completely changed the way investments are designed and implemented. It provides constant access to information about the current project and all costs. Read on to learn more about it!

Karno Energy – Building Information Modeling

Karno Energy BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and means building information modeling. This definition refers to advanced computer programs that support the design process. Karno Energy’s BIM model is an ideal tool not only for new projects. It is also ideal for expanding and renovating existing facilities. It makes optimal use of resources, reduces costs and improves the flow of project information. 

Karno Energy – How does it work?

In a nutshell, Karno Energy’s BIM model consists of inserting previously defined 3D objects into specific programs, such as walls, ceilings, roofs or windows, and simultaneously assigning them the appropriate parameters. During the design process, it is possible to randomly change all the properties of structural elements or add new ones. This is automatically remembered by the system, which assigns the changed attributes to the model.

Every Karno Energy BIM project shows all the parameters of the real building. In addition, based on the generated reports, you will conduct an analysis of the object, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate errors that occur. Thus, you have full control over the construction work, which allows, in particular, to reduce costs and shorten the time of investment implementation.

Karno Energy – Practical use of BIM

BIM technology from Karno Energy is widely used and works well in many industries to improve the efficiency of operations and optimize costs. The information gained from it can be used to:

  • support the modeling process,
  • evaluating the profitability of an investment before its creation,
  • changes to the design,
  • analysis of the ergonomics of decisions made,
  • insolation calculations, building energy data sheets,
  • efficient management of commercial premises.

Karno Energy’s advanced BIM models are ideal tools for designers, contractors, investors and property managers. Using a program that shows three-dimensional objects is easier and safer than traditional solutions, including paper.

Karno Energy – How much can you get?

Research conducted by independent experts confirms the effectiveness of Karno Energy’s BIM model. According to available data, a lot of material, about 37%, is lost during the investment. What’s more, 30% of implementation exceeds the projected budget. Site managers and company executives agree that traditional documentation is not enough to effectively manage the construction process. Consequently, it is necessary to implement the Karno Energy BIM model, which perfectly fills this gap. It allows more projects of higher quality to be implemented in a shorter time frame. It has many advantages, which translate into real financial savings. Investments in modern process support systems are very profitable and quickly pay for themselves.

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